Oh how I wish-how I wish Congressman Anthony Weiner (D) NY had been honest from the get go…

…”Yeah, I sent it…it’s a joke.  See, my last name is Weiner…deal with it.”

…but if you can’t understand his moment of panic & subsequent need to fabricate an alternate scenario, then you haven’t turned on a TV in the last 25 years and witnessed the side-show like status of broadcast journalism in America today…uhh thank you, Mr. Murdoch.

That said, should I ever have the chance, I’ll vote for Congressman Anthony Weiner tout suite.

Here are the 10 Best Reasons Why I’d Still Vote for Congressman Anthony Weiner…

…anytime, anywhere, any office…

1.     Because of how hard he fights for comprehensive health care reform.

2.    Because of how hard he fights against giving tax breaks to the “Several Homes Abroad” Crowd.

3.     Because he came out and told the truth…eventually…in the face of all sorts of ensuing drama.

4.     Because he has a great laugh (see Daily Show interview)

5.     Because he’s really funny (see Daily Show interview)

6.     Because of his confidence…I mean, the balls on this guy.  Seriously…as far as I can tell…he’s got some serious balls.

7.     Because his last name is Weiner & he tweeted a pic of his boxer-short clad guy-parts.  That’s high-larious.

As long as he was sending these pics to adult, non-grossed out women, then it’s pretty off the charts stupid funny.

8.     Because his wit, combined w/ his convictions makes for some sharp & insightful commentary.  I hope this unpleasantness doesn’t change that.

9.     Because his “non-scandal” scandal DIDN’T waste a single tax payer dollar.  I mean, he never even called the Capital Police or the FBI to investigate.  Now, that would have pissed me off.

10.    And almost entirely because he stands up for people who don’t own/have access to lobbyists, supreme-court judges, politicians, etc., he does it when there’s nothing in it for him except doing the job he was elected to do.

The only people he needs to apologize to or make things right with include his family…and his family.

Anyone NOT in that group…well, folks, you know what they say:

…you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here…