Yesterday when we got the alert to get inside and close our doors & windows because the air was so toxic it might make you sick for the rest of your life I took a moment to daydream how I might respond to this environmental/health catastrophe if I were rich….hmmm…let me see?

Here are the 10 Best Rich People Responses to the Richmond – Chevron Refinery exploding:

  1. Relocation

  2. Vacation…way elsewhere

  3. In case of accidental Richmond – Chevron Refinery air breathing immediately vacation to Thailand and pay the best of the best of the poor people to “donate” lungs

  4. Not live near, next/adjacent to a refinery – especially Chevron

  5. Not let refinery live near, next/adjacent to them – especially Chevron

  6. Enlist private rocket &/or Rocket/Submarine Combo to the moon

  7. Not get life-long respiratory/asthma related problems which tend to shorten life spans & degrade quality of life

  8. Order minion outside to breathe the air & give the all-clear or pass out.  If minion passes out/stops breathing, get new minion.

  9. Spend the next few months in a really nice hotel w/ great room service nowhere near an exploding refinery

  10. Not get cancer…TOTALLY not get cancer.  Then go shopping.