10 Best People to Direct The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games (2008) Catching Fire (2009) Mockingjay (2010)

You know what it feels like when you come across a book that is so good?

Special — like you’ve been temporarily gifted with some kind of super power.

You know how you’d feel if you found out there were 2 more like it?

Happy.  Really happy.  No, wait.  Super happy.

Then there’s the feeling you get when that favorite book gets turned into a film & cast as the lead is someone who looks like a cross between Hillary Duff & the Olson Twins?  There’s a word for it…

…Un-special?  De-gifted?  Not good.

Especially not good since that character looks exceedingly not like a Duff/Olson mix.

Here are the 10 Best Directors I think would do absolute justice to Suzanne Collins’ trilogy.

…clearly, I should’ve posted this list sooner as a director has already been selected…

(really would’ve appreciated a memo on that)

1.     Mira Nair —  because of Salaam Bombay (Mumbai) & Monsoon Wedding.

2.    Radha Bharadwaj — because of Closet Land.

3.     Ron Howard — because of Willow.

4.     Kathryn Bigelow — because of Strange Days & The Hurt Locker.

5.     Chris Colombus — because of Harry Potter 1 & 2

6.     Alfonso Cuaron — because of Harry Potter 3

7.     Mike Newell —  because of Harry Potter 4

8.     Ridley Scott — because of most of his films, but especially Alien 1, 2, & 3.

9.    Catherine Hardwicke — because of Twilight & Lords of Dogtown.

10.   Mimi Leder — because of Deep Impact.

Honorable Mentions

11.    Darnell Martin — because of I like it like that & Cadillac Records.

12.    Rob Reiner — because of Stand By Me and The Princess Bride.