10 Best Songs for Dr. Elizabeth Warren’s Wall Street Beat Down Soundtrack…

Sincere & heartfelt congratulations & good wishes to Ms. Warren on her new appointment as Special Advisor (off-the-charts brilliant bad-ass) to a new Consumer Protection Financial Bureau (CPFB).

I hope Ass-Kicking makes it on her list & that she has the proper footwear for it.

1.     These boots are made for Walking (1966)   nancy sinatra

2.     Heartbreaker (1979)   pat benetar

3.     Quiet Dog Bites Hard (2009)   mos def

4.     Hit Me With Your Best Shot (1979)   pat benetar

5.     Fight The Power (1989)   public enemy

6.     Power To The People (1971)   john lennon

7.     TNT (1975)   ac/dc

8.     Cue The Rain (2009)   queen latifah

9.     Trouble (2003)   pink

10.     How You Like Me Now (2009)   the heavy

honorable mention:

Gold Digger (2005)   Kanye West — just gives this song a whole new meaning

Barracuda (1977)   Heart

Get Up On It (2007)   Empire ISIS