10 Best Animated Show Voices

There are voices…& then there are voices!  This is a list of the 2nd kind.

King of the Hill

1.     Jimmy Wichard (deserves his own show)

2.     Bobby or Bubby Hill

3.     Dale (especially when he thought he had rabies)

4.      The YMCA’s women’s defense class instructor, “I don’t know you!  Let go of my purse!”

(…does she have a name?)

South Park

5.     Cartman (when he’s not being evil)

6.     Butters (sometimes Butters is better than Cartman)

The Simpsons

7.     The girl left hanging in the school gym, “Hello?  Mrs. Pommelhorse?  I’d like to get down now!”

8.     Homer

Family Guy

9.     Stewie (when he’s not being evil)

10.     Chris

Honoroable Mention:

SpongeBob Squarepants

1.     Gary, the Snail (speaks volumes)