10 Best Reasons to:

root for…


be PROUD of…

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy…Remarkable Bad-Ass & total SuperHero:

1.     Because she pissed off an incredibly small (w/ equally impish genitalia to match, I’m betting), angry man & got called a hooker for her troubles.

2.    Because she stood up for a woman who needs it.

3.    Because she stood up against the practice of sentencing women to death by stoning for adultery.

4.    Because she called B.S on the use of religion as the reason for being violent/cruel & abusive to women.

5.    Because she did what she did knowing full well what a douche Iran’s leader (for now) is & how a man w/ such obvious size issues would respond.

6.    Because she’s in a place of power & what she says makes headlines & she said & did what she said & did anyway.

7.    Because she’s right.

8.    Because she totally didn’t have to…she totally didn’t have to do one other damn thing than be the 1st lady of France & look polished & stately & chic (it is France)…& she did it anyway…that makes her a truly remarkable bad-ass.

9.    Because the little worm is desperate to save his job & figured if he could start a fight by calling Bruni names he might get his country to like him again…or at least stop thinking he’s a total douche (also their word choice)…ALL he needed was Ms. Bruni to talk trash back.  She’s wicked cool because she didn’t fall for it.

10.  Because in a fight…if she had to…CBS would so totally take him!

BTW…if being against stoning women makes you a hooker…well, count me in!

& Go hookers!