(b/t/w – these workouts that everyone liked & were really usefull are NO longer available on Netflix instant play…way to go geniuses)

The 10 Best Netflix “Instant-Play” workouts…

…because I dropped my gym membership…

…because I still want/need a really good* workout…

…because I have a Netflix account…

*really good = effective/not boring/good music

1.     10 Minute Solution: Kickbox Bootcamp (55 min) – Keli Roberts
hard w/o; fresh routine; decent music = not boring at all & I felt it!

2.     Trainer’s Edge: Killer Abs & Back (40 min) – Michael Olajide
it’s hard!…but works; good music; do it all the way thru & you’ll feel it the next few days

3.     Tummy Tone Party Zone (56 min) – Marie Forleo
you’re wiped by the end; remember to keep your abs tight

4.     Crunch:  CardioSalsa (39 min) – Giselle Roque de Escobar ***
hard to follow 1/2 way in, but a damn good w/o

5.     10 Minute Solution: Pilates (57 min) – Lara Hudson  do it all the way through; a tough w/o – you’ll feel wrung out, wrecked, stretched, toned, & drenched by the end   

6.     Pick Your Level:  Weight Loss Pilates (35 min) – Ellen Barrett
wish it was longer; hard w/o; music kept me going

7.     10 Minute Solution:  Fat Blasting Dance Mix (54 min) – Jennifer Gillardi
really fun/hard routine; really good ab section

8.     10 Minute Solution:  Rapid Results Pilates (56 min) – Lara Hudson
she is not playing…tough w/o; new moves I’d never seen (love that) & effective!

9.     Dance Off the Inches: Fat Burning Jam (36 min) – Michelle Dozois
good dance/cardio & use of hips – 2 things I love; had me sweating; wish it was longer

10.     Crunch:  Burn & Firm Pilates (48 min) – Ellen Barrett
new moves: hard w/o; good music; really works abs & thighs

***you might need to watch it once to learn the routines before doing the workout…or I’m just slow.

you can do them when ever & where ever
out of 43 Instant Play w/o’s, I really like 26 which is a lot
no new workouts added since 12/09
8 or 9 workout’s look really lame

no longer available updates:   Was #5…Jennifer Kries:  Perfect Mix (60 min) – Jennifer Kries ***   unexpected, really good cardio; hard to follow

!!!Totally Unnecessary Disclaimer!!!:
I am so NOT a professional fitness instructor, nutritionist, horse trainer, hockey coach, wellness anything, doctor of any kind (coulda’/woulda’ if I’d wanted to, but can’t stand sight of blood), any one trained or certified to help you lose weight or train to get into shape or train to lose weight or any of the above…I could probably tell you if you’ve lost weight, but we’d need a scale & your prior weight.  I’m someone who knows a good w/o when she sees one.  Period. I’ve seen enough to know you should check w/ an actual degree carrying doctor before doing any workout program…SO DO THAT…& enjoy!