Welcome to my first EVER “10 Best…”


It’s a list of things I think are so great I need to tell everyone.

…this one’s food related because I’m hungry…

…it’s Trader Joe’s because they’re right down the street…

…these are the 10 best because my mouth & nose say so…

 (absolute, not-up-for-debate items):

1.     TJ’s Belgian Almond Thins (2.79)

Too damn delicious for their own good and w/ ingredients we can all pronounce & understand.  They did up the price from $1.99 to $2.79.  Bastards.  Don’t they know these are tough times for the tea & biscuit crowd?

2.     TJ’s Traditional Olive Tapenade*** (refrigerated section) (2.99)

Octavia Butler & J K Rowling couldn’t express how good this is with just words.  They’d need sign language & moaning.  It’s that good, you ask?  Scramble a tbsp into a 2-3 egg white omelet and you’ll be naming your 1st born after me.  Yeah, smartass, exactly that good.

***sidenote:  an amazing San Diego company called Cantare makes this tapenade for TJ’s & if you live in LA you can buy a much larger & less expensive portion @ the Culver City Costco…consider it the 1 really good thing about living in LA (well, maybe 1 of 10)…& ask yourselves why Cantare likes SoCal better than those of us up north!

3.     TJ’s Mango & Cream Bars – 3.49

Simply…Oh.  My.  Freaking.  Stars.   Is what I’m experiencing in my mouth for real or am I dreaming the whole thing?  It is & I‘m not.

4.     TJ’s Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels (3.29)

Chocolate.  Pretzels.  Enough said.  No, wait – mini.

5.     TJ’s Hummus Dip (1.99)

This dip w/ carrots/celery/cucumbers just might replace chips in your life.

6.     TJ’s Organic Low Fat Yogurt Vanana (2.79)

It’s like the moment after you’ve just gotten everything you ever wanted in life…and then you try this yogurt and realize there was one more thing.

7.     TJ’s Salt Water Taffy (1.99)

I flipped in a good way when I saw these on the shelf.  I flipped again when I saw the ingredient list – vegetable based coloring.  Awesome.  I was hoping they’d taste as good as they read.  2 hrs & 1 empty bag later it turns out they do.

8.     TJ’s Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers (1.99)

It’s the kind of good where the box gets empty before you’re ready for it to be and you’re left reaching inside for crackers that won’t be there.

9.     TJ’s Lavender Dryer Bags (3.79)

These little sachets are the best thing ever.  They smell great & you don’t have to use those other freaky sheets w/ all the chemicals.  Drawback; you guessed it; encased in plastic.  I have no idea why.

10.     Bob’s Redmill Ground Flaxseed (2.69)

Just do it.  From this day forward.  2 tbsp‘s – 1 in the AM when you first get up & 1 in the PM after you eat.  Or you can be a baby & sprinkle/bake it into stuff.  Either way, it’s a damn good & easy thing to do for your insides.

…While this list is in no particular order, the tapenade is, by far, one of the most kick ass, delicious food stuffs out there!  No, I don’t own their stock & I didn’t invent it…but I do plan on looking into the stock thing.

…Also, what’s w/ Trader Joe’s excessive to the point of obsessive use of plastic in their vegetable section.  Seriously, set your produce free!.

Check out my next 10 Best… list.

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